In need of general Portrait techniques

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Re: In need of general Portrait techniques

Sailor Blue wrote:

You didn't tell us what equipment you have, which would have made a reply easier but basically what you need to do is start with one or two lights and learn how to use them with one pose. Once you learn how to see the light with one pose so that it is easy to move the lights to keep the same lighting as the subject moves then you add a second pose, then a third, etc.

Funny, I just read the same thing in a article i just found. Thanks!

BTW I'm shooting with a Lumix G3 with the 25/1.4 and 45/1.8 for portraits.  For lighting, I have a Cowboy studio kit with 3 CFL softboxes (2 on stands, 1 on a boom).  I also have an old Minolta flash that I use with a wireless trigger (so I don't blow up my camera!) as well as a small Metz flash that  I use quite a bit.

I usually find myself shooting wide open with the CFLs because they're so dim.  I use the Minolta flash to light the background, but sometimes I use it as my only light source mixed with a 5in1 reflector.  The Metz with an off camera flash chord provides for creative options as well.

Here are some general articles to help you build your library.

Portrait Lighting - Names for different portrait lighting set-ups in photography

Benji's Studio Lighting and Posing Tutorial

Benji - The Rules Of Good Portraiture in PDF Format for Printing

Benji - PS Technique For Checking Exposure (Portraits)

Benji - Photographing The Big Beautiful Teen

Ed Shapiro - The fabulous fill article

Ed Shapiro - Facial Analysis in Fine Portraiture- Corrective Techniques

Ed Shapiro - Background Usages and Manaement

How to Handle HANDS

Thomas Park - The One-Light Studio: Digital Photography Review

Posing Guide 1.pdf

Posing Guide 2.pdf

Thanks a lot for taking time to post this list, I will definitely check them out!

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