d7000 mirror issue

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Re: d7000 mirror issue

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Just checking to see if anyone here ever had an issue where the mirror gets stuck in the up position and then get an 'Err'. Then if I press the shutter button again, the mirror returns to the correct position. I tried removing batter, changed cards, changed lens, resetting to default yet I still get the 'Err'. This happened after I put on a new 35 1.8 and used it for a day. It was fairly tight to put the lens on.

Guess I will be sending this to the LA service center on WilShire. Anybody used this center before?


It could be a communication problem with the lens. Try cleaning the contacts on the camera. How old is the camera? What does it do with no lens on the body?

What should I try cleaning it with? It's 2 months old. It does the same thing without a lens.

If it does the same w/o a lens then it's not the contacts. I think a shutter problem can cause the same error. I'd send it for warranty and let them sort it out.

Thanks, I bought the extra warranty with best buy. I'll give it to them, no cost for shipping. This one was already a replacement, they declared the first one a lemon.

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