Installing OS on SSD from HDD

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Re: I'd use FAT32, make sure you're selecting USB for the boot choice

No dice still.  Reformated the CF card as FAT32 it only has the one partition.  I run the Dell software and slelect the USB drive option and the program just spins and spins.

I'm done.  I'm getting a USB stick tomorrow and trying that.  If it doesn't work I give up.  This is why I did not build a machine.  I knew that no matter what I would spend way to much precious time trying to get the thing up and running.  It never is as a simple and easy as everyone makes it sound.

I had 2 different sets of intructions up on how to do this and followed them too the T step for step.  Only thing different is that I was trying to use DVDs.

I can see the CF with disk manager and explorer no problem but Dell recovery program obviously does not recognize it as a valid USB drive.

I do appreciate all the help but my fun meter is totally pegged.  Now it's Miller time literally just so I can relax...

I hate not being able to figure this simple crap out...

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