Has digital camera development hit the wall?

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Re: Has digital camera development hit the wall?

Tom Caldwell wrote:

Yes you don't have to have a mobile phone to take trivial images. For some time I have used a R4 or the GRD to document things.

For example: that tricky wired up appliance full of springs and levers and undocumanted wiring. Just take a photograph at intervals of the process and putting it all back together is literally "a snap". Much better than pencil drawings on a scrap piece of paper. But a mobile phone camera does this just as well.

Of course, a cellphone can take very useable photos of the wiring when you take the motor out of the furnace or something like that. You can see the colors and where the wires are connected. All hunky dory. But if you want to take pictures of your great Aunt when she visits at Christmas, that 'good enough' phone cam is not good enough.

I've taken many a snap of my son, just spur of the moment or to go with a text, using my iPhone 4s - but none of them are worthy of being printed IMO. All these cellphone camera apps are very amusing with all their settings and photo styles but there's not enough to work with to make them really more than little gimmicks.

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Do people really spend $700 on a camera so they can take a picture of a squirrel or a duck?

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