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Re: Give us a review of your Sony 35mm f/1.8

007peter wrote:

Rudy wrote:

I sold my SEL 50 F1.8, never had the Sigma 30 F2.8

And of course i bought the 35 F1.8 OSS

Sold the 50, because it was to close to the 35, and bought the 35 because it suits my needs better.

Absolutely, there is no sense of keeping both 35 and 50. Like I say before, they displace one another in actual usage. Sony 35mm works much like a wider version of Sony 50. Since you never bought Sigma 30, and just sold your 50, buying Sony 35mm f/1.8 OSS for $450 is easily justified. Give us your impression of the lens when you get it.

If i would have liked the Sigma, my combo would be Sigma 30 + Sony 50.

Actually, since you bought a Sony 35mmf/1.8, you still need a Landscape prime. The ideal combo for you is:

  • Sigma 19mm f/2.8 DN for landscape
  • Sony 35mm f/1.8 for Walk-About / Portrait

Why do you say there is no sense in keeping the 35 and 50 as they displace one another? That doesn't make sense to me. The 35 to me would be more of a street type lens where the 50 is more portrait type. To me, getting both would be a great idea. I have the Sig 30 but like the idea of oss and a better build. I think the 35 will compliment my 50 very well. I know 15mm doesn't sound like alot but when I'm trying to shoot indoors with a small group the 50 is too tight. I know you can zoom with your feet, but in only certain instances.

I hope you didn't take offense to my statement, just curious why that statement was made. I could see the argument of not getting the 35 if you have the Sig 30 but the extra 15mm will most definately be used by me.

I love the thought process of Sigma releasing an 85 1.8, that is the one lens I have been waiting forever for in a native mount.


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