A very negative review of Sony 16-50mm

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re: should the overall volume be deemed a good criterion, then...

quezra wrote:

In terms of other examples, the Panasonic pancake zoom does pretty much the same things as Sony's 16-50 (severe distortions at the wide and long ends), and the distortions are even visible in the camera corrected JPEGs on several m4/3 cameras. But as a result you can slap it on a GX1 and fit that in your pocket. Well some people are happy with that compromise, indeed I would say they are a greater proportion of camera users than the purist IQ-is-the-only-thing-that-matters group.

...just cellphone cameras dwarf the "smallness-is-the-king" camp of NEX'ers by a huge margin, and the combined volume of cell cameras + P&S + compacts... pushes such a tiny market into non-existence


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