Anyone saw photos taken with the DA560mm ???

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Re: Anyone saw photos taken with the DA560mm ???

Russell Evans wrote:

asahi man wrote:

Russell Evans wrote:

You're in the EU, right? Is it possible that you could get one for Klaus to test out? Really, it would be nice if we could get someone with Pentax connections to feed Klaus Pentax lenses to test and to keep him in cameras to test with. It only sells lenses for Pentax when the tests are available.

Thank you

You mean Photozone Klaus?????

Yes, sorry about not being specific. I was doing a couple of things and posted this rather quickly without really reading it.

Thank you

Hmm...i will see...Pentax told me that i will get my private one for use and test it...but.....there will not be enough lenses to give some samples for it can needs a time till there are testexamples.....

But i will ask pentax,if the first testsample is going to the european photomagazins.

I like photozone very much and pentax looks also to the zone

Best regards

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