Installing OS on SSD from HDD

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Re: Still Wont work, jeesh!

Jim Cockfield wrote:

jamesdak wrote:

This is strange, the last partition is the 12.02 GB Recovery Partition. So it is already well under 128 GB. Guess I'll try to make another set of recovery DVD's and see what happens.

That's an odd way of doing it. Usually, you find a diagnostic partition, then a recovery partition, then the main Windows partition with most installs. Grrrrrrr

So, you'd need to shrink the largest partition, then move the recovery partition to eliminate the used space in between the partitions to use the approach I mentioned.

IOW, the unallocated space would need to be at the end of the drive you're backing up when moving to a smaller drive in most cases; where you're only using 128GB or less of the first part of the drive in order to backup and restore it to a 128GB SSD with most software.

That would depend on the way the backup and restore software works (if it's trying to reproduce the identical partition table structure or not). But, I suspect that most of it is going to work that way (require the unallocated space to be at the end of the drive, since it's going to restore a partition table with the same start and stop offsets as the original drive was using).

Do you have a 16GB memory card and card reader? If so, you may want to try it as your recovery media instead of using DVDs and see if that works. You can use a memory card in a card reader the same way as you can use a 16GB USB Flash Drive.

I'd look at the choices carefully when making the recovery media; as it sounds like you may be making a full backup (not just a recovery disk).

Otherwise, I would not expect to see the symptoms you're reporting (a recovery disk should not care about drive sizes).

Well I must be the worlds biggest computer idiot.  Nothing I try works.  I put in a 16 GB CF card in the reader.  It was fat32 so I reformated it to NTFS.  But no matter what I try the Dell recovery program won't recognize it.  I am going to try a 16 GB USB stick tomorrow.  If that doesn't work I give up.  I'll just load CS6 to the SSD and the hell with booting off of it.  It just is not worth the aggravation trying to get this sorted out....

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