I want a D700 successor

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Re: I want a D700 successor

I hear you 4x5 Guy!  There is a hole in the Nikon line at the top.  That hole is smack in the middle of $6K for the D4 or the 36mp D800.  I'd buy a D4 in a heartbeat if it wasn't so expensive.  I've used the D800 and the 4x5 Guy is correct, the files are a royal pain to process and store.  I've also read about focus issues with the D800 on this forum and I've experienced them myself.

I've been shooting for 30 years, all of them professionally.  To get news, travel and wedding business done you can't be working with 36mp files and it's crazy to be paying $6K for your backup camera.

I'll buy a used D700 as a backup before I spend the cash for a D800.  I'll probably upgrade to the D4 for my primary camera.

The big disappointment with the D800 is many of us thought that the high mp count would provide 4x5 image openness and quality.  It just doesn't work that way.  If you want the 4x5 look, you need a 4x5 camera.

John Santoro


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