Sony Nex vs. All other BIG DSLRs

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Sony Nex vs. All other BIG DSLRs

Hi there!

I would really like some un-bias, free from sales-pitch advice on a DSLR for my upcoming trips.

1. Hawaii, NY, LA, Vegas, Hong Kong

2. England, Paris, Germany, Italy

3. New Zealand, Queenstown (Snowboard trip)

4. Canada, Vancouver, Whistler, scenic trip with some snow activity.

These are just what I WANT the camera for, it'll come in handy for other things too, such as work trips, etc.

My budget is fairly free at this point, but since it will be used a lot in travel, I would prefer durability and/or small form factor - which is why I like the Nex from Sony, since it is so much smaller than standard DSLRs it's, in my eyes, easier to keep from harm, plus, it saves space in luggage and pockets!

This photo below isn't mine, but a Tokina 10-17mm fisheye lens was used, if you recommend a camera could you please recommend the relevant lens to get this effect too

Lastly, I cannot stand lowlight grain or over-exposure from flashes on people, any balance or feature that helps with this would be great.

Thanks for reading

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