Installing OS on SSD from HDD

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Make sure you look at the options carefully....

What you're reporting sounds like you used the Data Safe Software to make a full backup, not a recovery disk (and if you didn't have a lot of data, a backup might have been able to fit on a few DVDs if it was compressed).

So, look at the options carefully.

You want to tell it to create Recovery Media. You do *not* want to tell it to make a full system backup (which is what it sounds like you may have done).

Otherwise, the drive you're restoring to would have to be large enough to fit the size of the original partitions on).

So, make sure you're using the option to Create Recovery Media (not the option to make a full system backup).

Then, it shouldn't care what the original drive size was when you use it (it's just reinstalling Windows on a new drive, even if it's a different size).

Jim Cockfield wrote:

Do you have a 16GB memory card and card reader? If so, you may want to try it as your recovery media instead of using DVDs and see if that works. You can use a memory card in a card reader the same way as you can use a 16GB USB Flash Drive.

I'd look at the choices carefully when making the recovery media; as it sounds like you may be making a full backup (not just a recovery disk).

Otherwise, I would not expect to see the symptoms you're reporting (a recovery disk should not care about drive sizes).

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