Installing OS on SSD from HDD

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Re: Still Wont work, jeesh!

Jim Cockfield wrote:

jamesdak wrote:

Ok so what it says is this "Your hard drive size is not supported for this process. Please use a hard drive at least 1863 GB in size. I am pretty sure that is the size of the main partition on the original 2 TB Hard drive. Did I do something wrong when I made the recovery disk?

I dunno.... That sounds odd unless you used some kind of choice that made the software think it was doing a full backup versus an Emergency Recovery disk.

But, what you may want do is "shrink" the last partition on the original drive using Microsoft Disk Management first. You can "right click" on the graphics for it and you should see an option to shrink (resize smaller) the last partition, leaving unallocated space at the end of the drive.

Just make it so that all of the space used by existing partitions is less than 128GB total.

Then, you could use any of the popular backup programs (Macrium Reflect, or even the free Clonezilla) and restore it to the SSD if Dell's Data Safe still gives you problems.

That is odd (as I don't recall anyone reporting your symptoms).

But, Win 8 is new and perhaps it's behaving differently.

This is strange,  the last partition is the 12.02 GB Recovery Partition.  So it is already well under 128 GB.  Guess I'll try to make another set of recovery DVD's and see what happens.

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