A Rant of a NEX user in China

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Re: A Rant of a NEX user in China

Ric Kaysen wrote:

I considered a job offer in China and, coming from the States, I was concerned about the media restrictions. I did a lot of research on the subject before, ultimately, deciding against the move. One thing I came away with was the fact that getting around restrictions has become a bit of a cottage industry there. I'm sure that if you investigate, you'll find someone who provides the service for a price.

Most American expats here in China are having a better life than back home. Sure, some moan and groan about this, that and the other. The fact remains - they are having a great time. They have endless bars and clubs to spend their time in ... they live a good life, looked up to. They are free to do anything to make money and have fun. Yes, it's an expat paradise and a well guarded secret ... i know so many American men who marry Chinese girls in the end. Happy story.

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