fuji xpro1 / x-e1 do levitation

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Re: fuji xpro1 / x-e1 do levitation

MuMinded wrote:

KentbertLee wrote:

Rod McD wrote:

Sorry, .....but what do you mean by 'do levitation'?? In relation to cameras? If we can clarify that, perhaps forum members can help.


sorry i mean this shoot style



Yes, of course the X-camera's can do this.. Any camera with a shutter speed past 1/250th of a second, or there abouts could do this...

For any of the images on the example page you provide I would guess that most, if not all of them have the camera set on manual focus anyway.. These are obviously all set-up shots so there will be a chance to pre-focus the camera to where you know the "levitation" is going to occur.. Then, probably shift the camera into "S" (shutter priority mode) with a speed fast enough to freeze the levitation that you want and then just start banging away.. very very simple stuff to do. The hard part is to get the timing of your shutter finger the way you want it..

I have been a fan of Natsumi Hayashi for sometime now.. She has wonderfully creative work that always is creative but never wanders into the realm of absurd..


ok thanks ya muminded

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