A Rant of a NEX user in China

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Re: A Rant of a NEX user in China

chakari wrote:

malch wrote:

chakari wrote:

Perhaps xinn3r would risk severe punishment if caught using such? What a world!!

China today is not like you seem to imagine.

Try visiting sometime. There's more personal freedom than there is in the People's Republic of Kalifornia

I've visited. I said perhaps. Have you lived there and felt the government restrictions?

I don't feel any lack of access to freely available media anywhere in the US. I regularly read that this is not so in China; so perhaps there are serious penalties for infringement of restrictions.

I love visiting California, etc. ... yes, the US has its problems but there is a general sense of freedom that not exist for the average Chinese population.

Your opinion may differ; that's your right!

A right to for "regime change" for those who disagree?  An ever bleeding boundary? Looks like the sword is mightier than the pen!

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