SD870 IS (Silver) - repair or buy a new compact

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Re: SD870 IS (Silver) - repair or buy a new compact

I too had the same camera and "upgraded" to an S100 last year.  I would do so again, rather than pay for a repair.  In good lighting, there was not too much of a difference in image quality although if you pixel peeped, you could tell the S100 was superior, in particular I think in purple fringing.  A bit sharper as well.   Also unfortunately the S100 was not any faster in speed of operation.  Not to say it is pokey but I was hoping for an improvement.  However in all other areas, I much prefer the S100 including the following

-Better, way better, low light performance.  ISO 1600 on S100 looks like ISO400 on SD870

-The ability to shoot raw, the ability to choose exposure modes (P, AV, M)

-A vastly superior movie mode.  Photos are number one priority but the ability to shoot HD movies in stereo while using the zoom is very nice

-The extended zoom range, particularly the 24mm in the wide end

I'm sure I could come up with more but those are the attributes that jump out at me.  Since then I've bought a G15 but that's another list of pros and cons.  Actually the only one con is the bigger size.

Dennis2 wrote:

I have an SD870 IS, that has been purchased in 2008 and repaired 3-4 times so far. Now I dropped it twice. Namely I gently dropped my pants with camera in them on the floor at two different occasions, but heard a marked "boom" only to find that there was a newly-developed "hole" on the LCD that grew a bit larger over time. LCD now has these hotspots with dead pixels on them, and those spots are fairly large, like about half a penny sized spots. Otherwise the camera works fine.

I do like my SD870, I am used to its ways. It is nicely beat up, I am not worried about dropping it, or misusing it, but alas, the LCD spots aren't fun.

Do I repair this camera for $130 with Canon Repair? Or do I purchase a new camera? I like quality gear, so I will probably be looking to spend up to $300-400 on a new camera this way. I am quite picky too so that's another reason why I don't want to rush into purchasing something new.

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