Installing OS on SSD from HDD

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Re: Still Wont work, jeesh!

Ok secure boot was disabled already in the BIOS.

The SSD showed up on like Sata Port 5 or something like that.

When I go into Disk Management it is showing up as Disk 1 and properly identified as Md 128 GB drive.

Disk Management says it is Basic for a type and shows 119.24 GB as Unallocated.

Ok so today when I changed the Bios to boot off the DVD it actually did.  That is the only change from last night were it kept erroring out.  Then the Dell recovery program runs.  I pick to boot of the DVd and it checks the machine and returns a no error found.  But then when it goes to load the OS it gives me an error saying I need a hard drive with XXXX space on it and quits.

So, now what.  This is pretty frustrating for what everyone claims is such an easy process.

Oh and I am disconnecting the standard HD before booting it up.

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