NEX-5R raw vs. jpeg in Apple Aperture

Started Dec 13, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: NEX-5R raw vs. jpeg in Apple Aperture

miked3 wrote:

Thanks for taking a stab at it. Any idea how to get more detail out of the red area? Seems like the raw has overblown reds.

from jpg:

from raw:

I've been going over this photo over and over trying to get the raw balanced out. I figure its time well spent if I can develop a preset for my 5R.

Thanks again,


The image is "trying to" display redder than the screen can display, thus you get the flat red look with no detail. If you print it or view it on a high-gamut display, you will get more detail. To get more detail on your screen, lower the red saturation.

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