Nikon 1 - Value Proposition and Sports Pictures

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Re: Nikon 1 - Value Proposition and Sports Pictures

pixelesque wrote:

Yeah, but see you're only doing 1/50s. That's really too slow for sports in general... anything but people just standing around. We really need some long fast primes to make this work... to get faster shutter speeds and better subject isolation. The 32mm f/1.2 coming next year will be great, if you're close enough to the action. Otherwise the FX 50mm and 85mm primes with the FT-1 could work well and still be quite a bit more compact than what an equivalent SLR rig would be. But then we lose continuous focus.. It's SOOO close, just not quite there.

The lack of a viewfinder really makes my J1 unsuitable for sports, but I didn't really buy it for that.  Frankly, I took it to the game just to get a picture of Larry Brown coaching the Mustangs.  In that role, it worked great.

If I were a V1 owner and wanted to get shots of my kid playing BB, I think that the V1 with an appropriate lens might work very well for people who don't want a Big DLSR and a big lens.   I suspect a V1 would easily outperform my old D60 (with kit lens) at a kids basketball game. With a 35 or 50 f/1.8G and a FT1, the V1 would probably perform really good at those indoor presentations that kids are always having.

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