Silkypix Developer Studio Pro for Panasonic - Special !!!

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Mikedigi wrote:

harry cannoli wrote:

Demosiacing engine is quite good, look at the bricks. This is an old building, even up close, brickface is worn, and the perspective correction I did probably took it's toll as well. IMO, the included version of SilkyPix is more than fine. No real need to upgrade.

Did you use the default settings of the "included" Silkypix, or are you one of those wizards who can actually understand what Silkypix is on about?

Have you compared, e.g., 1600 ISO JPEGS with 1600 ISO Silkypix attempts?


This is a 100% sample ISO 1600 NR= -2 Sharp= -1

1. Silkypix 5 default (from RAW)

2 (left). JPG processed by Neat Image (using image-specific settings without manual tuning)

3 (right). JPG unprocessed

I think the Silkypix results are better than the Neat Image results, and of course provide the additional advantage of RAW image processing. The differences are much clearer in the clickthrough "original" than the DPReview default size.

I bought a copy.


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