D800 vs MF Film, not a standard question

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Re: D800 vs MF Film, not a standard question

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By the way, in post processing (I shoot RAW) I can create any 'look' that I desire.

I'm not limited to the particular characteristic of a certain film.

I'm very curious how close you can make digital image look like film (especially negative film ie Portra), since I have yet to see any digital film simulation method that looks real. I researched it for a very long time. To me, it seems to be impossible to make a digital image look like a film.

I would like see a Web site where I can see your pictures.

Precondition to an ability to create a 'look' that you are aiming for is mastering PP and I prefer PhotoShop.

The same way that developers created ready made plug-ins, and it's not a rocket science, you can achieve the 'look' by yourself.

Just to name a few, you have "imagenomic" and there web sight is:


and it tells you "How to shoot Film with a Digital camera".

Another free sight is: http://www.cgm-online.com/eiperle/cgm_aged_film_le_e.html

Final Cut Pro offers film simulators as well.


You can look at FilmConvert and their sight is: http://filmconvert.com/

Above I have mentioned just a few.

You can create even better plug-ins once you master PhotoShop.

The same way that you keep your anonymity, I value my own and for this reason I cannot disclose my website. I would like to avoid FB from individuals which lack civility like "brightcolours".

​However, I will be happy to assist you, anyway I can, just PM me.

I checked the sites, but they are for movie which is out of my interest... I already knew the top site (imagenomic), had downloaded the demo version before. I prefer DxO film pack and VSCO, which I have been experimenting until recently, though...

In my very honest opinion, every time I see those professional digital imaging site, I wish I had the same taste as them, which would have made my life much easier... I curse my taste. LOL.

No , it's not. Check the following:



There is plenty of ready made plug-ins. Search the web & you will find it.

I knew the bottom one, the top link is very interesting. Thank you for the link. I'm still shooting digital along with film (because I can't spend much money for the film:), so your information is very helpful!

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