Raw PP, how to get smooth colors like OOC Jpeg?

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Re: Raw PP, how to get smooth colors like OOC Jpeg?

Marco Bubke wrote:

Have you disabled Contrast by Detail Level? It is making the noise much stronger. You can disable the color matrix too, but than the colors are different.

didn't touch that section, it was/is enabled

boardsy wrote:

If you could make the RAW available on Dropbox or something, I, or others more expert, could take a look and assess your issue. I don't use RawTherapee much (Adobe Camera Raw + Photoshop), but the issue might be software-agnostic e.g. some combination of luminance and colour noise reduction, sharpening etc.


link to raw (the image was chosen just for exercise because dark and at high-ish iso)

for the sake of it, also OOC jpeg and attempt to PP (on my HD pc monitor, 30% zoom to adapt, the noise on the violet light in the window is well visible)

Oleg L K wrote:

The important point here is that most of the free RAW converters are based on the same engine - command-line utility called "dcraw" by Dave Coffin. This includes both RawTherapee and Ufraw.

Dcraw is made to extract more details than Sony IDC converter (and JPEG engine), but it comes at a price of images being less smooth. If you like more details, or if your images are intended for printing (where minor noise-like flaws are less visible), you are going to benefit from dcraw-based converters. If you insist on smoothness at any price, try an unrelated RAW converter. But first compare the prints.

haven't focused on a purpose yet tbh; mainly computer review of photo albums, perhaps on a big tv when I get the chance. Don't expect to print much; if ever, perhaps when I get some very good photo to hang in my room

On a pc it's common to zoom on some part while showing friends, or perhaps you crop some parts, sometimes heavily (bird photos for example, which I want to take)

If it's either RT with noisier images (but a little more detailed) or another raw converter with smoother colors, I'll see what to choose, but first I want to make sure I cannot get both with one package. Best would probably be to be able in fact to have smoother colors for heavy crops, and grainier photos for full size images.

GaryW wrote:

Pixellated isn't the right term. It looks simply like noise (a.k.a. grain). (Usually Pixellated means blocky like big pixels.) --- right, grainier/noisier is what I meant

I thought it to be noise, but I have applied every noise reduction option I could to quite a high level trying to get rid of this.

Number 2 doesn't look like it has much NR if any.

also as an answer to boardsy: don't know what "much NR" is, but I assume 65-70 chrominance and 50 luminance isn't less (max:100)

hpchan wrote:

Much more details from the raw, may over done on samples.

very possible that my PP isn't too good, as this is one of my first attempts..

just a thought though: if some tiny details are too confused in the noise, then I might not care of retaining them, and instead improve the overall look of the colors

to Karl Gohl: as said above, I will rarely print, mostly look at pictures on a HD screen, where it's easy to zoom on some parts, and it might happen that I want to quite heavily crop on a subject

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