OMD-EM5 is a crazy camera!

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Re: Update on my camera & settings.

OvinceZ wrote:

I always assume that I have done something wrong if the camera is not performing properly. I still find the camera frustrating but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Posting on dpreview will usually result in a solution but the knocks are inevitable here as well.

I now know what part of the problem was with the camera refusing to take a photo. I think I had the camera set not to fire if not in focus. There is a little green light at the top right of the screen that lights up when this occurs. I haven't persisted with the focus under those circumstances but somehow I guess trying to focus on something else might solve the problem. I will have another go in daylight tomorrow.

As far as spontaneous firing of the camera I think it must be that the touch screen has been activated. I can't think of anything else that would allow the camera to fire without pressing the shutter. I will have to pay more attention to the touch screen symbols to know what is going on there. You have to understand that this is not my primary or secondary camera.

The flash seems to work okay. I will up the flash compensation to +3 for group photos if they seem dark. Will also use a higher ISO setting.

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Everyone is an expert on dpreview!

I'm glad your camera is beginning to make sense, and so you are. I don't have an OM-D, but I have passed through several systems, and I feel your pain when you assume the camera is doing something, when it does another thing, just to discover it was a bad setting altogether.

I'm sure the issue the aperture is changing in A mode might be to something like, auto adjust aperture to avoid underexposure in dim light conditions. The OM-D have tons of features, and that is a good thing for the one patient enough to take the time and configure the camera to your liking. Is not like your regular Canon DSLR, where you just set the A mode, and shoot away. The OM-D (as well as many mirrorless cameras, NEX included) come factory configured with certain features that might not be what you expect, but what the beginner user might, so take the time to bring those settings back to a more logical configuration, with less automation, and more user involvement, like a standard DSLR does.

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