Sony changes Full Frame roadmap...

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Re: Innovative cameras aren't the solution

JohnBee wrote:

jonikon wrote:

non or Nikon, because they would not make a dent in the market.

When it comes to full frame cameras that is probably correct.

Canon and Nikon not only dominate the FF camera market, but also the FF lens market, (new and used), both in terms of quality, selection, availability. and sheer numbers. Sony would be hard pressed to match Nikon and Canon lens selection, quality, and availability, and Sony could never match them in the used market, no matter how hard they tried.

With only one 24MP and no 36MP camera in their full frame camera line, Sony would do better to keep putting their efforts elsewhere, (as they already have been doing), and leave the full frame camera market to Nikon and Canon who have that market cornered.

Well who else offers an EVF FF camera?

That's also fully articulated and above all stabilized!!

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