Sony NEX-C3 or 5N??

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Re: Sony NEX-C3 or 5N??

mloomis00 wrote:

Hello all,

I've searched quite a bit but am still torn or whether to get a NEX-C3 or 5N. The price is within $40 of each other ($450ish) so it is a toss up. Most of the comparisons I read assumed they were still priced around $150 apart so it's a harder decision when they are basically the same price.

The biggest takeaway I saw from past reviews was the C3 was better in low light and the 5N was better for video.

Really? The dpreview high iso tests indicate the 5n was a good 1 stop better at high iso than the C3 which is why auto-iso on the 5n goes up to 3200 whereas the C3 is restricted to 1600.

Any help would be appreciated.


I have a C3 but you've made the right choice going for a 5n, it's a better camera in every way.

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