Sony pancake 16-50mm vignettes at 16mm.

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Re: Sony pancake 16-50mm vignettes at 16mm.

viking79 wrote:

I am just saying I don't like Sony's trend of running the image circle smaller than it should be for APS-C. Every lens they have with the exception of the 24, 35, and 50mm seems to follow this trend.

I used to think it was incident light angles on the lenses, but I think it might be they just run the image circle smaller than it should be.

not false, but saying this, you are probably  judging the lense at a focal lengh that is out of the official sony specifications.

sony says this lense is suitable for doing pictures between 16 and 50mm, and sells it for those focal lenghs. You are evaluating a picture taken probably at 14 or 15mm, and criticize the lense because this picture is not good. But Sony never pretended you can get any acceptable picture at 14 or 15mm with this lense.

On the contrary, you should be happy to have those "unspecified" extra 2mm wide, even if the quality is far from acceptable at this focal lengh.... this could be usefull in some situations.

but once again, this have to be confirmed (the exact wide angle focal lengh obtained after correction)

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