Sony pancake 16-50mm vignettes at 16mm.

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Re: Sony pancake 16-50mm vignettes at 16mm.

viking79 wrote:

I don't understand why people defend Sony with this lens. Every other software corrected lens I use still has an image circle large enough to cover the sensor. They might have equal levels of distortion, but at least they are sharp out to the corners, giving the option to shoot uncorrected or not.


because other lense you compare with are certainly much bigger.

People who want a so compact zoom have to accept some compromise (and do): the quality CANNOT be as good as with a twice bigger lense. So, as long as the corrected result remain acceptable, this is for sure a good deal, because only the final result count. Now, cameras and software have the ability to apply correction. . This allow to build "less perfect" lenses (cheaper or smaller... the 16-50PZ is smaller), without sacrifying significantly the final image quality. So why not using those software corrections and getting benefit from it?

but we have anyway to get a confirmaton, that the given 16mm corrected is really 16mm (not 18mm or something like that because of the crop), meaning the uncorrected raw is effectively wider.

Overwise, you are right, this lense would be just rubbish.

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