Nikon service and "Impact Damage"

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Good luck.

And let us know your outcome.

I was just reading Roger CiCala of Lensrentals blog about Nikon.  Seems they doubled their fees since April 1 when they shut off their parts supplies to the independents.  They made top repair costs now in his list and have gone up more in the later part of this year over their averages posted.

Gets good about 2/3 way down the page:

Quote from above link: "Nikon, I love the cameras. I love the prices on the cameras. But Nikon USA’s repair and service sucks and is getting worse."

That part of $1,800 for a D800 sensor replacement isn't reassuring either.  D800E must be $2,300 then.  Ridiculous.  Stuff is getting trashcan worthy if busted.  May as well buy the cheaper greys foreign with a two year warranty on the body over the USA 1 year and send it off to whatever country you bought it from instead of paying their new "Impact damaged" fees. The 5 year USA lens warranty is becoming worthless other than a questionable sales pitch.

Welcome to the "New Nikon USA.  More improved to bleed every bloody last cent outta ya."


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