Sony pancake 16-50mm vignettes at 16mm.

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Re: Sony pancake 16-50mm vignettes at 16mm.

viking79 wrote:

You could probably put a m4/3 lens on the Sony and correct away the distortion and get similar results.

No, you won't.

I haven't checked all my posts where I posted this, but I would still like to see where someone measures the Sony's focal length. Has anyone actually done this yet? By that I mean photograph something of known size, measure the magnification, and calculate the focal length?

There was an earlier posting saying that it was closer to 14mm uncorrected.   But I cannot find that post.

Running the corrections on my samples I took a while back, and it does remove vignetting and CA, but the edges are still pretty soft. Bottom line is marketing one out on that lens, I am sure engineering wouldn't want to put 16-50mm on that lens, probably more like 18-50 or 20-50mm, but that isn't as exciting.

I have no problem with its 16mm label.

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