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David Nall wrote:

Ali-C wrote:

I got home from uni a few days ago and decided that I hadn't indulged my landscape needs enough whilst in Falmouth, so yesterday I took a short walk down to Dockens Water in the New Forest, Hampshire, and came up with this. I've been trying to get a good shot of this scene for a while now but so far I haven't been happy with the results, thankfully yesterday everything just came together and I got a half decent result. What're your thoughts on this image?

I am wondering why you would want this shot in the first place. There is nothing in this image that would compell me to even lift my camera. As for your result, it is to yellow IMHO. Sorry if this isn't the response you were looking for. What is your main subject, the uprooted tree? If so, I would have positioned myself to the right of the exposed roots, and shot up the length of the tree. Dave

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Because, to me, this is a rather picturesque scene. If you don't agree there's no need to apologise, that's the beauty of opinions is it not? As far as the yellow goes, I was going for a slightly warmer than normal cast, but circumstances dictate that I am to be working on an uncalibrated laptop for the next month so it could be more than a touch off from what I was aiming for... Better stick to black and white until I get back methinks.
I liked the contrast of lines and angles, but again, swings and roundabouts.
@ Ansel Spear
I beg to differ, it is. I have however downsized it to 800 pixels wide for web use, possibly the cause of confusion? If you click on the picture in the post you get a slightly enlarged version, the preview does look soft but the higher res version is fine.
@ Nick Brisbane
 I know that 1/4sec is too slow to hand hold, as well as 1/focal length for a rule of thumb as far as shutter speed goes. This was done with a tripod and timer, like I said, the smaller preview does look soft but the enlarged version is better.

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