Extreme birding,G5 and 100-300

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Re: Extreme birding,G5 and 100-300

Hi there

I have that lens and a new G5 that I haven't gotten out with yet.  Soon, I hope.  Until now I have used the GH1 and GH2 the latter provided great detail, adequate continuous focus, fairly poor DR.

I would just suggest using f6.3 or even f5.6 in average to poor light because it increases both shutter speed/sharpness and focusing light/accuracy (although your far off subject was plenty tight in this case).  It's true that corners are softer at f5.6, but for BIF the corners don't matter and in fact additional blur apart from the center subject could be seen as a benefit.

I have found f6.3 to be just a tiny bit sharper than f5.6 in the center, but beyond that I think higher f numbers are a waste except in odd cases where one wants depth of field for some reason.

Those of us who have used other formats tend to over-choke our lenses a bit in M4/3.  Photozone tests have determined that almost all M4/3 lenses demonstrate their highest sharpness outcomes just a click tighter than their widest apertures.  And really, f5.6 in M4/3 is the equivalent of f/11 in full frame, so we rarely need more depth of field.

I'm just hoping for an f4 300mm Panasonic prime so we can get serious with these improving M4/3 bodies.

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