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Re: Because its easier to make a wide angle without mirror clearance

For me the size of the DX camera doesn't bother me so much...the main advantage of the mirrorless cameras would be the possible lenses that can be made for them (much smaller and faster - as there are no more physical constraints created by the mirror)...

but we won't see this from Nikon...my bet is on Sony, but even they have obscene prices for their lenses and to tell you the truth I didn't see anything that blew me away in their offer.

Kerry Pierce wrote:

mehigh wrote:

Indeed. Too bad that you lose the bokeh and the capacity to isolate subject from background when you go Micro 4/3...too bad Nikon went to an even smaller sensor and the issues I mentioned are even worse there.

This leaves only Sony, Canon and Samsung (bleah) left, as only they have mirrorless DX cameras.

I can easily agree with this sentiment. When I first heard of the V1, I was excited, thinking that it would be an updated DX sensor, with all of the goodness that brings to one with many Nikon lenses.

When I learned that it was a completely new system, complete with a smaller sensor, I was amazed. I can't imagine what Nikon was thinking. If I'm going to buy into a new system that requires that I also buy new lenses, why would I buy the Nikon? Why wouldn't I look at the competition?

It's especially sad when you read threads in the FX forum, from folks wanting a smaller camera than their d4 or d800, and all you see are responses about cameras from other makers. Nobody even mentions a small DX camera like the d5100 or d3200. Had the V1 had a good performing DX sensor, I'd have one in my bag. I suspect the same for many Nikon users that want a smaller camera for casual use.

I don't get it, but that's nothing new for me, when it comes to trying to figure out why Nikon does what it has been doing lately.


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