Sending lens back to Panasonic for cleaning & alignment? 20mm 1.7

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Re: Let me know if you do

WOW!  That really does give one pause for their higher end lenses such as the 35-100 2.8.  Thanks for the heads up.


Pikme wrote:

And how it works out. I've seen nothing but horror stories about Panasonic service in the US for DSLRs, MILCs and lenses. I'd love to see a happy success story.

i have the 25mm f 1.4 for regular 4/3 that doesn't focus at f1.4. Several times over the past 5 years I've called Panasonic to inquire about service. Unfortunately, the answers have ranged from "we don't make or service that part" to "you have to send it to Japan, look on the Internet for the address" to "maybe you could send it to the corporate offices in Chicago and see if they know what to do". I've never had the courage to send it in, especially when I read the horror stories here about things disappearing for 4 or 5 months and not being able to get anyone to help via phone.

Sorry to sound so pessimistic - hopefully others can chime in with better stories.

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