Important: D800 + Older Nikon transfer = corrupted files

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Re: Important: D800 + Older Nikon transfer = corrupted files

Ray Ritchie wrote:

It's good to know that software exists to fix the problem, but it might be worth investing in a card reader instead of using Nikon Transfer. A dual-slot card reader with a USB 3.0 interface costs less than $40, and doesn't require any special software to support it. The card just appears on your desktop like any other external drive, and you can drag the files from there to any folder you choose on your hard drive.

My blog:

Hi Ray

I do have a card reader. My workflow however uses Nikon Transfer as the software to take files from the card reader to the external HDs. Why use Nik Transfer? It allows me to rename my files and also add metadata (keywords, title, description etc) to all files in bulk during the transfer.

This to me is very handy especially when shooting with 2 or more cameras as I name the files with a relevant keyword (tanzania_) and append the date and time the picture was taken (tanzania_2012-12-05_10-05-36.jpg). This way, I can lump all pictures from any trip into a single directory irrespective of camera used (no issues with duplicate file names) and they appear in chronological order.

Hope that clarifies why I (and others) would use an intermediate software and not just copy files directly to the HDs from the card reader.



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