SCHOOL SLAUGHTER: 27 killed, including 18 children...

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Re: SCHOOL SLAUGHTER: 27 killed, including 20 children...

mamallama wrote:

arry_girl wrote:

I am still reeling from today's news. So many lives so needlessly snuffed out. My heart goes out to the families. I can only hope the children who survived aren't scarred for life.

I can't imagine what if felt like as a parent arriving at the school anxious as hell with worry not knowing if their child was one of the lucky ones. It felt surreal as I first heard the news & saw the images. My brain did not want to accept what it was seeing.

Such a needless tragedy, such a waste of innocents & the potential they will never have the opportunity to experience.

My heart broke down when a news reporter on TV described how an officer went to speak to the parents still waiting for kids to run over greet them. My thoughts flashed to my first grade grand daughter who goes to a very similar school in NY, just about 20 miles from Newtown, CT and I just imagined what their emotion must have been like. So tragic.

My heart broke again when reading about the dead children they found huddled in the bathroom. They probably went in trying to find a safe place to hide and huddled together for comfort to no avail. Or how about the lone little girl survivor from one of the classrooms who pretended to be dead just to survive. She was only 6 1/2 yrs old. When she finally came out of the school, she was covered in blood having to explain to her mother she was okay. What a horrific sight this must have been. Even worse, reading about the amount of bullets pumped into each small body, many at such close range. Why? I can't stop asking myself this question.

I can only imagine how you felt when your thoughts flashed to your grand daughter. I relate it to 911 when the news first hit. My brother was then a pilot flying the same model plane and the same route as one of the planes hit. My heart was in my throat in utter fear until I finally received word he was okay. No one, let alone a parent of a child so young, should ever have to experience the pain & grief of this type of pointless tragedy.

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