Auto ISO question on X-E1

Started Dec 16, 2012 | Discussions thread
OP 93octane Contributing Member • Posts: 725
Re: Auto ISO question on X-E1

I noticed yesterday I had the camera set to Aperture Priority shooting around 5PM the sun hadn't set yet and the camera was reading ISO 800 F2.8 with a shutter at or close to 1/4000. I had to manually select the ISO to 100 in order to bring down the shutter speed to 1/160. Why would the camera select ISO 800 when there was plenty of light available. The camera was set to AUTO ISO to max out at 1600.  Love the camera, it's just a bit funky when using AUTO ISO. It seems to select an ISO higher than require to expose the scene properly. 
I also noticed when shooting a back light subject and using the on board flash for fill the picture would over expose BIG time... Awesome camera funky and weird to use. Not as easy to use as the NEX.

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