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Re: So sorry

Mako2011 wrote:

klaminero wrote:

Mako2011 wrote:

Keep us updated, and good luck.

High Mako

Sorry it took so long but I had to wait for the week end so I could take daylight pictures.

I didnt post them here but they are in my gallery. I assumed you needed to go there to download them anyway.

So sorry I did not get back sooner. Been a tad busy.

No worries. You guys give your time to help me out, I am not going to be peaky about the schedule :P. So once again, thank you for your time

The outdoor pics look really good and suggest no need to fine tune at all.

Good I am glad. I was kind of able to tell but wasnt 100% sure.

The indoor pics with slightly less light seem just a tad soft and suggest the lens my indeed benefit from a bit of fine tune. First read the manual AF-Fine tune section. You will want to re-do the indoor good light test and see if a good setting can be obtained. Try 0..then -5...then +5 and so forth until you find the sweet spot. Use your LiveView shot as a base line as AF Fine Tune has no effect on CDAF (Liveview focus). Once you figure out what the best AF Fine Tune setting is....use it outdoors and confirm it's still a good setting for the 50mm outdoors in good light. An alternate method to find the best AF-Fine tune setting is this link

AF fine tune

The AF Fine tune is specific to each lens in the camera software corret? If the AF fine tune bias is the same for all lenses, do you have a way to retune the camera yourself? (may be this is too far down the road)

I took some indoor shots this week end under late afternoon indoor natural light with high ceiling small round ceiling lights. Some were of very sharp focus (I think) but some were soft and I dont know if its because of a too slow shutter speed or focus issue.  I am not very comfortable sharing these pictures on here as it is somebody else's baby. Is there a way I can share this privately? like in an PM may be?

I will have to wait until Wednesday before i can take more indoor shots as I work long hours and am not sure if I will be able to do the cardboard setup just then. Bare with me please as this may take me a little bit of time.

Mako, let me know if i can send you a couple of these pics from teh weekend (one sharp one soft) so you can let me know what you think

If you find that a fine tune setting works good for dim indoor light but makes your outside good light shot soft...there are things we can do. Take your time and enjoy learning.

Using the camera with the fast prime lens indoor was so enjoyable this week end!!! I used to get so frustrated with my bridge camera, not being able to go above ISO 800 to keep usable shots and shutter speeds would go down to 1/30, 1/15 etc with f2.8.... here i was able to take nice shots at f1.8 or 2 and boost ISO as far up as 3200 with very acceptable results, in part thanks to shutter speeds higher than 1/100 for the moving baby!!!!

Thanks a lot for everybody's help as I am learning to use this beast of a camera

Should I also do the same for the 18-105?

By all means check...after you master doing it with the 50mm lens. There are a few "gotchas" with a zoom.

I will ask you then

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