Second hand 1D mark II

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Re: Second hand 1D mark II

I own and love my 1D mark II, I got it earlier this year and it's pretty much always with me.

The things you'll probably want to consider are:

  • Little hand holding for new users, it's probably not the ideal first camera for someone who isn't interested in learning exposure.
  • Accessories are generally expensive relative to higher volume models (if you're stretching to buy it, total cost of ownership might be too high)
  • Repairs will become difficult in the not too distant future now that Canon isn't supplying parts
  • Wide angles.  It's a 1.3x crop, but an EF mount.  There are work arounds, but none are as easy as EF-S mount cameras or 1.0x crop EF mount lenses. 
  • It's heavy, this isn't a huge turn off but you should be prepared for it. 
  • The batteries require a little more maintenance than Li-Ion. 
  • It's not an 18mp+, so printing big means you'll be bumping below 300 dpi fairly quickly.  With a good lens, that's probably not a huge issue, but is something you want to consider. 
  • Most of them saw lots of pro use, so shutter counts are high and there are likely to be more than a few battle scars. 

That said, I'd buy it again in a heartbeat.  For me it's nearly the ideal camera.  I love the solid feel, the raw files are a dream to process (and 8mp files load and allow editors to fly even with processor intense filters/actions), the viewfinder is big enough and I love the frame's coverage by the Autofocus system.  I'll be pretty sad when it dies.

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