D800 vs MF Film, not a standard question

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Re: D800 vs MF Film, not a standard question

plasnu wrote:

Stacey_K wrote:

I don't think MF film is worth shooting. As others said, the main reason I shot medium format was to get rid of film grain which isn't an issue with digital.

This is exactly why I shoot both MF and 35mm film. Sometimes I want to see a lot of grain, sometimes not. (probably you don't understand why, though...)

I guess you and Lukaw mostly shoot landscape (I do different type of photography), and I realized that most of the people against film here is probably old and experienced people who shoot landscape. I don't know anything about landscape photography, but I can see that film is not adequate for landscape, especially color. I also think it is rare to see a client who wants to see film texture for the landscape photos these days (except B/W large format).

For fashion, documentary, art and the other cultural photography (music etc.), film is far from dead.

I do mostly portraits and corporate work.

By the way, in post processing (I shoot RAW) I can create any 'look' that I desire.

I'm not limited to the particular characteristic of a certain film.

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