Best place to find used Leica lenses?

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Re: Best place to find used Leica lenses?

Ebay has been mentioned and I agree it could be a good place. I bought this year a 35mm- , a 50mm and a 90mm summicron. The 50mm was through a trustworthy seller in Germany no problems. The 90mm was initially bought from a firm in Slovenia,Bratislava. The lens should be clear and not tampered with and so on. I received a lens that was scratched on the inside and clearly tampered with. Only after a tiresome discussion a got my money back. But I had to bury the costs for returning and assuring the lens. From an other German seller over Ebay with excellent ratings I bought finally the 90mm. Finding a decent 35mm proved rather difficult. Apparently this lens suffers easily from haze on the inner side of the frontlens. One lens had to be returned (Ebay seller with 100% satisfied customers) although the seller claimed clean lenses. They retuned my money completely and fast. The second lens was from a private person with a Leica heritage. All lenses were beautiful except for the 35mm. The other 35mm came from a seller with 99,6% satisfied customers. Lens should be free from haze and fully functional. the lens had been tampered with, markings of incorrect tools etc., the focus had play and the sliding part of the lens showed play in all directions. I got my money back after opening a case over Paypal. Then I found a second hand camera shop in Holland. He had e decent 35mm summicron.
The haze of the inside of the lens can only be seen if you shine with a strong light through the lens from the backside and look with an ANGLE in the frontlens. Looking strait through is NO option.
Be careful a lot of money eager sellers are yet busy to buy old rubbish that normally wouldn´t worth a penny fix it up a bit and sell for big money on the internet hoping that inexperienced buyers wouldn´t notice. Buy over Paypal and be very cautious.
And don´t forget the lenses were once extremely good but for the prices one have to pay today you could get a more comfortable operating modern lens that may just as good or even better. Read good critics like (among others) SLR lens review.

Have fun

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