Video test: A99 #2 vs EM5

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Shield3 wrote:

photo chris wrote:

Inside shots - 50mm, F6.3, iso 640

Outside shots - 24mm a99, 14mm EM5 FOV=28mm, F16, ISO 100 a99, 200 EM5

As I said before, I used focus magnify and MF to get a sharp image before hitting record, they were razor sharp before I started recording.

I'll post more later today when I get the time. Its no better with the HDMI out into my TV @1080p.

I've shot thousands of hours of video over the years, plenty for broadcast, I never had issues with my former FS100 like I do with the A99, plain and simple something is off and it isn't me.

Ignoring the still life, it still doesn't account for the ridiculously soft outside shot.

And other testers that aren't on this forum are reporting the same results with the A99 and VG900.

I still haven't seen a wide shot that wasn't soft, despite what others are claiming to produce.

Good morning Chris. I remember you saying something about doing some more tests after last week's shoot; did you do any more that you were going to post on here?


Been down and out with the flu last week and I had an event to cover this weekend that ate up all my time.  I rattled off a few hundred images from a brunch attended by 300 people that featured a few vocal performers from the local opera.  It was so hectic I didn't feel like messing with video as I was only getting paid for stills.  I want to shoot more test footage this week before drawing a final conclusion.  I'll have something by the end of the week.

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