Ken Rockwell: Don't buy a midrange zoom. Carry a fixed 50mm instead, like a pro.

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Re: Ken Rockwell: Don't buy a midrange zoom. Carry a fixed 50mm instead, like a pro.

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Each lens has its own purposes, pros use whatever suits their task the best and so should everyone elses. KR is a troll, don't waste your time on his site.

You have no way to back up what you just said. I am certain Ken has much more experience with Nikon cameras and lens than you do. He offered an alternative to using the 24-70mm, a midrange zoom. That's is exactly what I did. I use a AF-S 50mm f1.8G for those situations. The consequences of the 50mm is that I have to move around, but in most situation, that is NOT a problem. Do I want the 24-70mm lens? Of course, I have the money for it, and maybe I will buy one on eBay after the new year.

It's a shame that KR has to spout such deliberately misleading nonsense in order to do to encourage traffic to his site.

Fair enough to suggest that many people save their money and buy a 50mm prime, but to say that "Few, if any, pros use mid-range zooms." is just a bare-faced lie.

That is an interesting point, that he is deliberately lying. I will ask him about this.

I bet if you survey news photographers, and wedding photographers, you'd find few using a 50mm lens, and most using a 24-70mm F2.8 lens some or all of the time.

Exactly and there is no way on earth that he doesn't know this.

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