Does the Leica M(240) Address Your Needs (vs M9)?

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the M typ240 still unknown

jffielde wrote:


The only imperfection that makes the M9 an "incomplete" camera for my use is the mid-to-high ISO performance. The M9 is a little better than film, but not much. This means for me that the M9 bows out of indoor shots (and outdoor as the light falls) where the Canons and Nikons can keep shooting long afterwards.


How about you?

likely it will be a remarkable tool and I hope so for Leica

with so little information available about the CMOSIS sensor's performance, I think such speculation near worthless

the added resolution likely will be helpful, but the CCD sensor in the M9 & MM are hard acts to follow ...I believe Leica went with CMOSIS to allow for motion picture capture and suspect there will be an even higher resolution M typ released in the near future as well

I may be a Luddite, but I rarely find the need to shoot above 1600 ISO equivalent & much prefer controlling noise reduction post hoc rather than heavily in camera

I have found that Capture One's latest iteration allows for much improved noise performance with the M9's files, which is more than adequate for my photography

I have had no qualms shooting the M9 indoors and at high ISO and with Capture One 7's improved noise reduction engine for RAW conversion, I have even more latitude for low light captures

gaining a bit less noise at high ISO seems a bad deal if base ISO performance is compromised

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