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Re: Why's there so many hateful voice about Sony SLT?

Kirk Tuck wrote:

Some people are so fearful of new technology or choices outside their comfort zone that they become like wounded animals and lash out. DP Review seems to have a monopoly on this kind of hater. They are usually whipped into a frenzy by people living on small, backward rocks who have the irrational and damaging need to justify their choices at any cost.

If we listened to them on a regular basis we'd all be using Speed Graphic cameras, loading sheet film and feeling bad about photography in general. Most of the people making noise are in tiny, marginalized markets but want to appear knowledgeable. Tearing other people's choices down or shouting down new ideas seems so much easier than learning new ways.

People in progressive, technically advanced markets seem to be embracing and using the technology quickly. The others will follow in short order as the companies the luddites have lashed themselves to start selling the same technology with a new logo on the front.

Count on it. In the mean time enjoy all the good stuff about the technology that they will "discover" in about two or three years.

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The neat thing is that the post above describes itself -- 'If you don't agree with my choice, you are all the things posted'.  Believe it or not, for example, there are people who still like LF cameras and not because they are Luddites or want to appear knowledgeable.

I would argue that the OP simply met members of the Canikon Faithful, who may have been such because they were told that real photographers only use Canikon.


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