Trolls and their gear.

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Re: Fishing expedition

EvilOne wrote:

we are tying to bring down the level of hostility, and name calling, by enforcing rules that have been in place for years. These very same rules are the rules that you and everyone else agreed to follow when you asked to become a member here. So removing the noise, filters out negative posts and opened these forums up for more progressive information with out fear of this basihng and personal abuse. Bashing any brand of of camera or abusing any membe,r both break the rules..

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Bill aka EO

I moderate on another sites photography forum but my job is far easier than your's will be here Bill. The forum I moderate starts off with the premise that all currently available gear from all the major players are inherently good and will help produce great IQ. We have no branding battles due to this but here the site is subdivided up including into brand loyalty forums. Kinda setups a brand vs brand debate or at least the potential of one. This site is very successful (far more than the one I am moderate) with their format but I think your job as MOD will be much tougher than mine in the area of hardware debates and conflicts.

Good luck on your new venture I wish you all the best.........

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