External Flash Nikon SB 900 vs Nissin Di 622

Started Dec 11, 2012 | Questions thread
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Re: External Flash Nikon SB 900 vs Nissin Di 622

Shamjith wrote:

But for the time being I can't afford its price, that is the only reason i would prefer Nissin Di 622 and also I heard metz brand, How is this both sir???

Shall i go for it??? appreciated your valuable reply. (by selecting thease brands i can afford its cost)



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Try Metz I used a number of Metz guns with the D90 and D7k for a sensible mid point I would suggest the Metz 50AF-1 is a good buy it has most of what you want, and offers quite a bit more power than the SB-700

The Nissin is decent but does not support Auto FP so you are limited to the max flash sync of the camera, the Metz has this function.

The 58AF-2 is the next one up again superb flash ignore the advice of those telling you to stick with Nikon only, few if any have used Metz. The Nikon flashes are good but pricey for what you get.

For a manual flash ie off camera work Yongnuo are very cost effective too. I'd stick with the Metz for a dedicated flash and look at those later on.

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