If you have an old 5D and you are thinking of upgrading to the new 6D....

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Re: If you have an old 5D and you are thinking of upgrading to the new 6D....

I bought the original 5D 2.5 years ago second hand, it was great for the course I did, but after buying the Sigma 24-70mm 2.8 HSM, it never focussed properly, god it was painful to never truse the auto focus, nor my eyes, it's almost impossible in lower light!

I've put up with my 5D front focussing most of my lenses (the Sigma being the worst though), but over time it's become unbearable, and after doing several slightly more demanding shoots with it, it's noticeably slow too.
I'd honestly always wished the 5D wasn't so big and heavy, as well as always wishing to go back to good old SD cards, which every other camera in the house uses (not to mention my laptop having an SD card reader).
The 5DIII was way too expensive and the MKII was never worth upgrading cause it was already a few years old.
Then the 6D was announced... I shat myself, it was perfect.
After saving up, I bought it last Saturday, and my god it is a dream to use! Without any micro focus adjustments my Sigma lens focuses perfectly, along with my nifty 50 so far (haven't tried my two other lenses yet). The low light capabilities are astounding - everyone gets so caught up in "ooooh no! It can't be grainy!" but I love grain, but only when it's useable and not "digital" looking - aka, so banding and has a nice pattern. In the end, I can see myself doing some really nice black and which ISO 102,400 shots in time, it saves photoshopping in grain when I want a nice film look or something.
I got used to the controls easily - finding the 8 way controller actually easier and quicker to use.
I can see myself keeping this camera for several years, now I just have to get off my ass and get into the world of making money off pretty pictures.. somehow.

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