Does the Leica M(240) Address Your Needs (vs M9)?

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Does the Leica M(240) Address Your Needs (vs M9)?

As an M9 owner, I bought the M9 primarily for great IQ in a small package.  I have been delighted with that choice, but I think the M9 is imperfect in ways I would like to see addressed.

The only imperfection that makes the M9 an "incomplete" camera for my use is the mid-to-high ISO performance.  The M9 is a little better than film, but not much.  This means for me that the M9 bows out of indoor shots (and outdoor as the light falls) where the Canons and Nikons can keep shooting long afterwards.  My solution was to buy the Monochrom (both for the high-ISO and for the B&W performance, which I value enormously), and I am pleased.  Again, I love that camera, but it is "incomplete" in that it doesn't shoot color, so I can't use it to cover lots of things where I want the option of color.  I hope the M240 gives me the two stops of ISO I need from the system, which lots of people think it does.

Focus peaking (I hate that term.  It sounds so juvenile) and live-view focusing.  I can focus the Leicas well enough, but those features are very nice for critical focus, especially at wide apertures in low light.  I would love those features, though not essential to me.

Better LCD - I'd like to have it, but little value to me.

Video - meaningless to me.

Speed of operation - Nice to have more than four shots and long delay, but not required.

EVF - meaningless to me.  I want compact, not more add-ons.

R-compatibility - Probably nice to have, but I don't know that I'll buy any.  If I had a stash of old lenses, this would rate very high on my list.  But I don't, so it doesn't.

How about you?

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