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Re: Full frame Pentax

Elliot H wrote:

what is the probability of Pentax

making a full frame (35mm) camera

To be honest, who wants to lug that the entire day?

My friend's D3s + 24-70 VRII + SB910, almost a comparable setup with any FF cam with a battery grip.
But I do like it's low light performance (it still does focus hunt sometimes). After carrying it most of the time during the event we went to, what I really want from Pentax, a K5 with:

1. As good or almost as good low ISO performance

2. A better spread out focus points

3. A lightly larger OVF

Yeah, only those. It really does feel that the AF of the K5IIs is just as quick, the OVF just a bright but if somehow Pentax does give me an APSC that is as clean in ISO6400, then I know what my next camera would be and it wont be a FF.

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