A few 7D images w/various lens

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Re: A few 7D images w/various lens

Kevin G. wrote:

qianp2k wrote:

Congrats Kevin, excellent photos!

1.6x TC? I believe you mean 1.4x TC from EXIF. Do you consider getting 100-400L especially when mark II version released next year probably? 400mm on 1.6x crop is noticeable more reach than 300mm. Also it always has a bit of IQ penalty with TC.

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Thanks! Yes, I meant 1.4x! Mixing up my crop factors with TC.

I'll have to check out the new 100-400. I've seen so many excellent photos with the older version, and I would prefer a zoom if the quality equaled the 300mm. You're right, I don't often use the 1.4 TC too much especially for BIF, not so much for the IQ hit, but the focus speed slows down considerably. I wonder if the new lens will be the same size/weight as the older version?

The current 100-400 is $1400 with instant rebate at this moment. It's pretty sharp (except some issues in early batches). The main problem is its 2-stop old-school 'IS'. A better 'IS" is very helpful when I shoot in airshows on prop-driven airplanes. I found it's a bit challenge with current version to have sharp photos when shutter is at or below 1/250. The new version will have 4-stop 'IS' and be a bit faster at 100mm side (f4.0 instead of 4.5) and change from push-pull to rotate zooming. I actually like push-pull zooming as it allows me very quickly zoom without accidentally moving pointing angle much that unavoidably will have more from rotate zooming at 400mm. But push-pull may suck in dusts that have not happened to my copy yet.


Thanks for your compliment on my Bronx Zoo photos.



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